Easy steps to get you started...

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Psst. Want to hear the audio and you don't see the unmute button? Just click on the Vimeo logo and you'll see the demo full screen with audio!

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rVidi allows you to create video shows with anyone, anywhere, anytime! Starting a show is easy. Just click on Start Show, fill out a couple of details including the length you want each cameo (:10 is the default, but increase to :30 for more wiggle room).


Click on the blue reel and record or upload your opening cameo and invite others to add their reactions, soundbites or clips.  IMPORTANT: Turn your phone sideways (landscape mode) to record your cameo. That way it will 'stitch' with the other videos.


YOU are the director so you can decide which soundbites or clips to include and in which order.  You can also trim cameos that are too long.  Just go to your show, click on the orange edit button with the scissors and then simply touch each clip that needs adjusting. A scroll to the right opens up the editing tool. A shift up and down let's you rearrange the order. Merge and save when you're done.


Final option: Download your collaborative creation as one complete movie by tapping on the orange down arrow.